Carpe Diem


People has their own strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes its just in their nature either to feel lonely or to feel happy. Sometimes their thoughts control them. In today’s generation, you will witness a person’s pessimist side and his optimist side as well.

A four sided room with a gloomy atmosphere
You’ll see nothing as if nobody was here
You’ll hear nothing as if everything was a lie
Open your eyes, in there, was I

Hiding the hurt, hiding the pain
Hiding the tears that fall like rain
Loneliness and struggles that drowns me through the years
Until my life was now filled with unending fears

The voices I hear inside my head
Words that stabs me and the lies that remain unsaid
Im so used to people that wishes Im just dead
Why didn’t you talk to me and instead watched me bled?

Im showing my best even though Im hurt
Searching and hoping to find my worth
Slowly giving reasons to make a true smile
Keep the curtains up and make my room versatile

Being alone and just sitting on the floor
My life’s a mess, what more should I ask for?
In the end of the day I’ll try to open my door
Start with the lights on and wait for more

Whenever you feel sad, just remember that there are billions of cell in your body and all they care about is you. Fulfill your life and reach your goals. For now, make your own little moments and soon make it big memories.

I, am happy for you
Smile, and live the day with glee
Enjoy the day and the hours that gone through
Life is full of surprises, just wait and see
I know you’ve been hurt too much
But remember your friends and the ones you love
Stay with them and do such
Things to be grateful and to be beloved
Circumstances that makes you fall
Hindrances that makes you cry
Cry until you realize that you have them all
All the hopes and support for you to try
Stand and be still
Take the challenge and fight for real
This is your life and so be it
You cant give up, just let the torch be lit
Remember you’re a human but grand
Just have the courage and take His hand
You have your ways and stories to be untold
Hi friend, Welcome to the world